Bernoulli's Trial

Bernoulli's Trial is a competition where a mathematical statement is presented on the board and the students have a set amount of time to determine if this statement is true or false. A team is eliminated after two incorrect answers. The last team to remain is the winner. Prizes are presented to the top three teams and the team that has the most number of incorrect answers. (Grand Loser) Note that being the grand loser requires just as much skills as first place.

For full rules and sample problems, see Junior Rules and Advanced Rules.

See the following table for past top three scorers and grand loser.

School Year 
  1. Stephen Wang
  2. David McNamee
  3. Edwin Zhang
Grand Loser: Karen Liu
  1. Victor Rong
  2. Andrey Remorov
  3. Lillian Zhang
Grand Loser: Yuval Ohapkin
  1. Maria Pilehrood
  2. Anita Pilehrood
  3. Edwin Zhang

Grand Loser: Harvis

  1. Jack Douglas and Randy Lin
  2. Dima Paramonov and Lily Wang
  3. Elnaz Pilehrood

Grand Loser: Jeremy Hunt and Timur Kazbekov


  1. Frieda Rong and Lily Wang
  2. Andrey Khesin and Dima Paramonov
  3. Edwin Zhang and Ian Hu

Grand Loser: (Emma Xie and Jasmin Zhang) tied with

                        (Jack Douglas and Michael Yang)


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