Toronto Math Circles

Full Solution Competition

The full solution competition consist of ten problems each graded out of 10. Since this competition is full solutions, all the necessary work to justify an answer and all the necessary steps of a proof must be shown clearly to obtain full credit. Some partial credit may be given, but only when a contestant has shown significant and substantial progress toward a solution. Calculators are not allowed.

See below for past competition problems, solutions, top three scorers and honorable mentions.

YearProblemsSolutionJunior WinnersSenior Winners
  1. Julian Birsan
  2. Teejay Oung
  3. Jimmie So

HM: Cindy Qiao

  1. Joey Hotz
  2. Michael Raczkowski
  3. Aidan Ferguson

  1. ​Peter Mu
  2. Selena Zhou
  3. David Selloa and Yu Liu

HM:    India
  1. ​Elnaz Messami Pilehrood
  2. Emad Zinoghli
  3. Albert Ding, Anita Messami Pilehrood, and Edwin Zhang

HM:    Joey Hotz

2016 - 2017
  1. ​Albert Ding
  2. Michael Raczkowski
  3. Stone Hu

HM:    Simhon Chourasia
           Daniel Hipkin

  1. Victor Rong
  2. Andrey Remorov
  3. Thinula DeSilva and Elnaz Messami Pilehrood

HM:    Bill Zhuo

2015 - 2016Problems
  1. David McNamee
  2. Eric Wei
  3. Lizzie Kim

HM:    Fardin

           Michael Raczkowski

  1. Lillian Zhang and Joseph Diao
  2. Thinula DeSilva

HM:    Yuval Ohapkin

           Victor Rong

           Henry Weng

           Michael Zou

2014 - 2015ProblemsSolution
  1. Richard Chow
  2. Steven Chow
  3. Andrey Khesin

HM:    Dima Paramonov 

           Lillian Zhang

           Sean Purcell