Toronto Math Circles

Saturday Math Circles

Every Saturday during the school year, there are two groups that run out of the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Science.

Sessions are free to interested students.

Fall 2019/2020 Schedule‚Äč

To be announced shortly.  Will begin end of September, 2019.

1 pm - 3 pm

222 College Street,

Toronto, ON

M5T 3J1 

NEW FOR THE FALL TERM:  A fee of $20 will apply for the fall term for snacks.  It will be payable upon registration.

Students do not need to register in advance.  Drop-in students are welcome.  Students will register on the day of the session.  

Please arrive 10 minutes in advance to register. Use the Contact page to be added to a mailing list.

Click on the drop down menu above to learn about the Solving and Advanced Solving Group.

Weekly sessions will vary by instructors.  Some weeks will be problem solving based, some will be lecture style, some weeks we hold competitions where students can earn prizes! To see a list of our contests and their dates for this school year, click here.