Toronto Math Circles

Solving Group

The Solving Group is meant for students who are new to the recreational or contest mathematics scene here in Canada.  The ages in this group vary widely - that being said, it is recommended that students in this group be familiar with at least the grade 10 Ontario Math Curriculum in order to keep up with the material.  Sessions are free.

Winter 2019 Schedule
Beginning January 26, 2019‚Äč
(includes Thanksgiving weekend)
1 pm - 3 pm
222 College Street,
Toronto, ON
M5T 3J1 

Pre-registration is not necessary to attend - students may show up to class and register on the spot.

Topics the Solving Group has covered in the past:

Pigeonhole Principle




Circle Geometry

Triangle Geometry

Games & Puzzles

Graphing Circles, Ellipses, and Hyperbolas

Game of Go

Nim, Hex, & Others

Contest Preparation