See the following table for past top three scorers.

School YearJuniorsSeniors
  1. Michael Raczkowski and Justine Lam
  2. Albert Ding and Eric Wei
  3. Yu Liu and Daniel Hipkin
  1. Thinula De Silva
  2. Jia Yi (Jessica) Zhang
  3. John Li
  1. Michael Raczkowski and Stephen Wang
  2. Shai Hirschl and Eric Wei
  3. Nikita Khesin and David McNamee
  1. Andrey Remorov
  2. Joseph Diao
  3. Michael Zou
  1. Lillian Zhang and Richard Chow
  2. Dima Paramonov
  3. Benson Guo and Ian Hu
  1. Frieda Rong and Jennifer Guo
  2. Ian Hu and Michael Yang
  3. Dima Paramonov and Sean Purcell

Summation Bee

Summation Bee is a competition where a mathematical expression is presented on the board and the students have a set amount of time to determine the numerical answer to the expression. The top four teams are placed into a playoff to determine the top three teams.

For full rules and sample problems, see Junior Rules and Advanced Rules.

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